Our range of products

A stroll through our Pinzgau specialties

The Lumpi delicatessen is considered the perfect place if one wants to buy local products. The deli offers house specialties and tasting of bacon, schnapps, cheese and many Pinzgau and Austrian delicacies.


Bacon and sausage products

The Lumpi Delicatessen has been known for decades for the best varieties of bacon, sausage and salami as well as stag, deer, chamois and wild boar ham, pâtés and brawns.

Cheese specialities

We offer a rich assortment of cheeses from regional farmers, young to matured mountain cheese and the famous Pinzgau alpine cheese, traditionally with up to 1/3 of goat's milk. We also have a varying selection of international cheese specialties.


Taste the difference - from the traditional farmer´s loaf to sport bread, here you will find only high quality bread delicacies. Every Thursday we have our farm lady’s aromatic wood-fired bread.


Extremely popular with guests and locals are the homemade bacon and cheese dumplings, seasonal spreads and brawns. "A new highlight every day".

Biscuits & Gingerbread

The original Mariazell Gingerbread is the best in Austria. The old traditional recipes have been passed from generation to generation since 1826. We offer sweet tooths a wide selection of homemade biscuits all year round.


Every year our Styrian PGI pumpkin seed oil is awarded the gold medal! Experience a taste explosion and refine salads or sweet foods with a variety of oils.


Fine confectionary from "Berger", highest quality handmade pralines and chocolate to enjoy and share.

For a snack

All delicacies in the shop are also available as a snack. Enjoy a sandwich or a Leberkässemmel - meatloaf sandwich - (the best in the Pinzgau!) to start your day.


Also very popular is the tasty forest honey, creamy blossom honey, propolis and royal jelly products from Höttl apiarists. The pure nature of our region provides the perfect foundation for the most natural honey in the world.


We offer a wide selection of wonderful homemade jams. More than 25 varieties, including some unusual varieties such as apple strudel or rowanberry.

Blossom products

Fine jellies are conjured up from rose, lavender, lilac and violet blossoms that taste wonderful on cheese or bread. Syrups are perfect in a glass of prosecco, a cup of tea or for refining desserts.

Spices & Salts

Natural granulated salts from the Aussee mountain mine prospected by hand. Try the rose salt, watercress salt, smoked salt, horseradish salt and wild garlic salt.

Schnapps & Liqueurs

Here you will find particularly renowned schnapps and liqueurs from the noble distillers Siegfried Herzog and Bartl Enn, with traditional or extravagant flavours such as blood orange, hazelnut or ginger. We also have schnapps from local farmers with brandies such as wild cherry, rowanberry or fruit schnapps.

Wine & Spirits

You will also find the right wine for every occasion in our exquisite range of Austrian wines. Among others, organically grown wines from the Geyerhof winery in Kremstal and the well-known wines from Mittelburgenland, where they have "Blaufränkisch in their blood and the sun in their hearts", from the K+K Kirnbauer winery in Deutschkreutz, sustainably and organically grown. The flagship of the Kirnbauer family "the Phantom" is known worldwide. Exceptional wines such as the Konquest and the Forever round off the top range.

Tea specialities

Home-grown herbal teas from organic cultivation. e.g. the women's friend or the men's friend, specially adapted to individual needs! Various black teas and fruit teas. There is something for every taste.

Our range of products

A new highlight every day

  • At lunchtime we have our famous crispy, warm roast pork, with dripping simply to die for!
  • Dreamy warm minced loaves, with juice for a quick lunch.

  • Fresh and smoked trout, char and salmon trout, whole or in fillets, from local farms close by!

  • Various types of Pinzgauer beer cheese and Pinzgauer mountain cheese fresh from the mountain pasture.
  • Chanterelles and porcini mushrooms from the local forests.
  • Traditional Christmas baking and homemade Kletzenbrot.
  • Seasonal spreads such as wild garlic and spring herb spreads.
  • Other homemade seasonal specialities: Elderflower syrup, elderflower vinegar, chanterelle brawn, pickled porcini mushrooms, blueberry jam with juniper and gin, blackberry jam with rosemary and grape jelly from the 120-year-old Isabella grape vine behind our house!
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  • Meat specialities
  • Poultry, geese, ducks and turkeys and much more.

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